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Diana KrenzerDiana Krenzer (b. 1964) was born in White Sands, New Mexico, to Puerto Rican parents. She spent her childhood in Puerto Rico and attended school on the island. Because Krenzer’s father was in the military, the family moved frequently. In the 1980s, Krenzer pursued an associate's degree in secretarial sciences at Universidad Interamericana. She moved to Rochester in 1995 and held a number of jobs before becoming a secretary in the Academic Advisement office of Nazareth College in 2005.  

In this interview, Diana Krenzer discusses her childhood, her educational background, and her career. She describes her employment with the Municipal Government of Puerto Rico, where she was promoted from Receptionist to Assistant of Public Relations. She explains why she and her husband relocated to Rochester and how she landed her job at Nazareth College. Krenzer discusses her family, their community involvement, and their observance of both Puerto Rican and American holidays. Krenzer also comments on family values and the generation gaps in Latino families.